libpackagekit GObjects

This part documents GObjects used in libpackagekit.

Table of Contents

PkCatalog — Functionality for installing catalogs
PkCategory — Category object
PkClient — For creating new transactions
PkControl — For querying data about PackageKit
PkDesktop — Find desktop metadata about a package
PkDetails — Details object
PkDistroUpgrade — DistroUpgrade object
PkError — ErrorCode object
PkEulaRequired — EulaRequired object
PkFiles — Files object
PkMediaChangeRequired — MediaChangeRequired object
PkMessage — Message object
PkPackageSack — A sack of packages that can be manipulated
PkPackage — Package object
PkProgress — Transaction progress information
PkRepoDetail — RepoDetail object
PkRepoSignatureRequired — RepoSignatureRequired object
PkRequireRestart — RequireRestart object
PkResults — Transaction results
PkServicePack — Functionality for creating and reading service packs
PkTask — An abstract package task GObject, dealing with unsigned transactions, GPG keys and EULA requests.
PkTransactionPast — TransactionPast object
PkUpdateDetail — UpdateDetail object