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Table Of Contents

GNOME Screenshots

Add/Remove Software search

Add/Remove Software groups

Service pack generator

Transaction viewer

Update viewer

Update viewer finished

Auto update preferences

Progress dialog

Added check warning

EULA dialog

Post-install asking if applications should be run

Remove check warning

Repository authentication

Repository viewer

Repository viewer (for geeks)

PackageKit backend status

Libnotify updates warning

Tasks waiting

Intergration with gnome-power-manager

Inhibit with gnome-power-manager

We sometimes need to do a restart

Session installer for codecs

Session installer for fonts [video]

Session installer for applications [video]

We optionally detect distribution upgrades

Auto update install dialog

Markdown syntax in the update viewer

Search for required firmware in packages


KDE Screenshots

Apper (KPackageKit) Update Viewer

Apper (KPackageKit) Searching

Apper (KPackageKit) Package Information

Confirmation dialog

Updates available notification

Progress of transaction

Update settings

Other Screenshots

OpenSuse Updater

OpenMoko Assassin

The old main add/remove Listaller GUI

Web Plugin Screenshots

Mozilla web plugin

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